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Have you always wanted to start a business?

The tea business is one of the best businesses you can start. But don't take our word for it.

  • Specialty tea will represent the fastest growing segment of the tea industry over the next decade and has the capability of doubling its volume over the next five years and might grow at an even faster pace.
  • -Joseph P. Simrany, President of the Tea Association of the USA, Inc.
  • Millions of American households will shift to tea as their preferred daily beverage choice during the next three years.
  • -Sage Group International, "U.S. Tea is 'Hot' Report," (4th Edition)
  • Sales of specialty tea are forecast to top $1.2 Billion. The single hottest channel of growth will continue to be the natural foods and specialty retail merchandisers with projected category growth of 15%.
  • -Specialty Tea is "Hot" Report
  • Tea is Hot. Entrepreneur Magazine's 'The Hot List' named tea as one of the hottest trends and best business ideas.
  • The U.S. tea market will grow 28 percent in current prices and 18 percent in inflation-adjusted prices during 2008-2013.
  • -World Tea Expo Newsletter Release, April, 2010
  • The U.S. market is projected to expand by more than $7 billion by 2012, with nearly three-quarters of that growth from the specialty and premium markets.
  • -World Tea Expo Newsletter Release, April, 2010

The specialty tea market is growing, and will have a lasting financial impact on entrepreneurs that get involved. Timing is essential. With any upward trend, the first to get involved profit the most.

At Tea Connexions, we are making it easy for you to get started.

For less than $1 per day, you gain access to training that was once only available to our elite Distributors who are generating 1000s of dollars per month in sales. We are so confident, that for a limited time only we are giving you access to our training for just $4.95 "FREE".

This meager cost pales in comparison to the information and benefits you receive. In fact, for only $4.95 "FREE", you get thousands of dollars worth of information and thousands of dollars in savings because of the valuable coupons you receive.


The famous personal development guru, Tony Robbins, is often quoted as saying, “Knowledge is Power.” First Flush DarjeelingKnowledge is power, provided you act upon it. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and training that will empower you to start a successful tea business.

Your training begins with Tea Business 101. Tea Business 101 was written by Sanjay Gupta, founder/CEO of Tea Connexions. He has been in the tea business for more than 10 years and throughout draws upon his experience. You will learn his personal story, how he started as a caretaker and through sheer courage and hard work built his tea business to what it is today.

Sanjay shares everything you need to know to have a successful tea business. In the past, this information was only available to members of the Tea Connexions Buying Group who had paid thousands of dollars to access it. However, after many years of helping teapreneurs start businesses, Sanjay felt it was the right time to share this information because like most successful entrepreneurs he wants to help as many individuals, regardless of financial strength, start their very own tea businesses.

In Sanjay's view, there is tons of room for more teapreneurs and considering the present economic realities, he feels the price is fair and reachable for all. Tea Connexions’ goal is to become the People’s Tea Company, offering everyone a chance to start a tea business.

The training system is composed of three key sections:

  1. Business Guidance
  2. Marketing Guidance
  3. Tea Education


This section will teach you how to set up your tea business and give you expert advice on how to ensure its success. Here’s a summary of the key sections:

  1. Power of Questions and how they can lead you to success.
  2. Your Attitude Programmer explains how the brain works and how it helps you succeed.
  3. Program Your RAS teaches you about the brain's Reticular Activating System (RAS) critical to marketing success.
  4. Plan for Success explains how to ensure you have a strategic focus for your business.
  5. Tactical Tools will show you what you require to start your tea business.
  6. Ultimate Tax Shelter explains the taxable benefits of owning a tea business.


This section will teach you the principals of sales and marketing as they apply to the tea business.

  1. Personality Traits explains the key traits to successful marketers.
  2. Marketing Principles will reveal the seven principles of successful marketing.
  3. Permission Marketing is the one and only topic that you need to clearly understand to ensure the success of your tea business.
  4. Marketing Channels and Methods reveals the key business channels to market tea and how you can profit from them.
  5. Marketing Tools will reveal to you how to create your own professional brochures, business cards, etc. all with your own personal computer.
  6. Marketing Plan cuts through the hype and explains how you can create a marketing plan consisting of only seven sentences...that's it.
  7. Branding Basics will show you how to create a tea brand your customers love and adore.
  8. Getting Customers explains the two key ways to maximize your sales and profits.
  9. 7 Steps to Every Sale will outline the key steps to every sale...follow these steps and sales success is guaranteed.
  10. Customer Bonding explains how you can have customers for life.
  11. E-Commerce reveals how you can start an online tea business and make it successful.


To succeed in the tea business you must not only have business and marketing knowledge, but a good understanding of tea. This section is designed to give you a good education on tea.

  1. What is tea? There is a major difference between tea and infusions. You will learn to differentiate.
  2. Brief history of tea.
  3. Tea processing.
  4. Tea grades
  5. Tea storage
  6. Tea preparation
  7. Market stats
  8. Tea consumption
  9. Health benefits

The key is that once you learn this information you will be able to talk intelligently about tea with prospective customers.


One of the keys to all of the training is the ACTION STEPS. At the end of each section you are asked to apply the knowledge you learn. Knowledge is power, provided you act on it and that is our objective.


To keep your training on track we provide you with a 30 day agenda to get through the training and begin applying it.


Since 2001, we have been updating the online training with newsletters and other knowledge and have an extensive download section to add further knowledge to your business and marketing intelligence.

In total, the online training is more than 400 html pages and growing.


Finally, to keep you on track and address any questions you may have, our founder/CEO, Sanjay Gupta, will be conducting monthly conference calls.

Access to the training is offered at the introductory price of just $4.95 "FREE" for 7 days.

You read that correctly, we are making it easy for you to test out our training and are giving you access for just $0.70 per day.

After the 7 day trial period, your subscription will automatically renew at the rate of $29.95 "$14.95" per month, less than $1 per day.

You have total and complete control over the management of your subscription and can cancel anytime.

Are you ready to start your tea business?

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Still not sure? Check out these bonuses, yours to keep, just for taking advantage of our $4.95 "FREE" trial offer.


Only registered members of Tea Connexions and pre-qualified wholesale customers get access to this store. But as a teapreneur subscriber, we will give you access and you can immediately begin purchasing tea at wholesale and selling at retail. Think of it, for just $4.95 "FREE", you will have access to our wholesale store and have the opportunity to buy and sell our exclusive line of teas. To increase your profit potential and fast start your business…we will be including…


To ensure that you can maximize your profits during the initial stages of your business, we will give you coupon codes to use on our wholesale store. To ensure that you can properly market our unique line of products, we will also include…


One of the easiest ways to start your tea business is with catalogs, brochures, and other marketing tools. Use your coupons to buy them at discounts of up to 50%. Plus, once you get access to the wholesale store, you can download and print many of them for FREE. We can even customize many of the tools for a small fee.

Are you ready to start your tea business?

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Still not sure? Check out these other bonuses, yours to keep, just for taking advantage of our $4.95 "FREE" trial offer.


In 2007 and early 2008, Tea Connexions launched a series of Distributor only seminars. The hottest topics focused on getting customers. Tea Connexions delivered over 8 hours of information on the most effective sales tactics to get customers. One of our Distributors implemented one of these tactics and generates $250 to $400 during a couple of hours in the evening. This bonus is yours to keep with your $4.95 "FREE" trial subscription.


Over the years, Tea Connexions has compiled many tea facts. This information is invaluable to anyone starting in the tea business and has taken thousands of dollars in hours to compile. Over 20 pages of essential tea information are yours absolutely FREE with your $4.95 "FREE" trial subscription…finally…our premium…


In 2007, Sanjay was a featured speaker at the World Tea Expo. Seminar attendees paid nearly $50 just to hear him speak. Some of what Sanjay presented, he normally presents to his Distributors who are invited to Distributor only seminars. In the past, Sanjay has charged up to $1000 for a weekend seminar with him.

For a limited time only, Sanjay will be giving away some of his secrets to success. Marketing on the Internet is a very popular topic and Sanjay knows how to make money selling tea on the Internet.

How to Profit from the Internet in the Tea Business will reveal the steps to creating a successful online tea business. Using these secrets, some of his Distributors have gone on to generate more than $100,000 in sales.

Are you ready to start your tea business?

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Still not sure?

Let’s summarize what you will receive, just for testing out our tea training system for 7 days at the introductory price of just $4.95 "FREE".

  1. Tea Business 101
  2. a. Business Guidance
    b. Marketing Guidance
    c. Tea Education
    d. Action Steps
    e. 30 Day Quick Start Plan
    f. Downloads
    g. Monthly Conference Call

  3. BONUS 1: VIP Access to our Wholesale Store.
  4. BONUS 2: Thousands of Dollars Worth of Coupons.
  5. BONUS 3: Marketing Tools
  6. BONUS 4: Sales Tactics That Work
  7. BONUS 5: Tea Facts
  8. BONUS 6: Profiting From The Internet

All six of the bonuses are yours to keep with your $4.95 "FREE" trial membership, regardless of whether or not you renew your subscription.

Are you ready to start your tea business?

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Still not sure?

For a limited time only, Tea Connexions will give you free memberships to these other web based training sites, just for your initial trial subscription of $4.95 "FREE".

Free membership to resell master course - $9.97 value
Free membership to learning to earn online - $27.00 value
Free membership to saving your time - $47.00 value

Membership to these three sites is much greater than your initial $4.95 "FREE" investment.

The many bonuses we include ensure that you are getting a great value for the price of $4.95 "FREE". We are offering you so many bonuses and incentives to try us out because we look forward to helping you start a tea business and most importantly serving your tea business needs for years to come. Tea, after all, is a consumable. We know that the success you have in your tea business will cause you to order more tea from us. Your success, in short, is our success.

Giving you these bonuses demonstrates our willingness to exceed your value expectations for your initial investment of $4.95 "FREE". If you cancel after the 7 day trial period, we hope you put the many bonuses to good use and continue pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. However, our sincere hope is you will see the value in the training and continue to subscribe at the monthly rate of $29.95 "$14.95" per month, which is less than $1.00 per day.

Remember, you have total and complete control over your subscription and can cancel at anytime.

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If you are still unsure about making a decision, perhaps the words of some of our customers and business colleagues will help you make a decision:

As a supplier Sanjay has been very helpful in setting up and advising me on my business. Very accessible and quite knowledgeable. I recommend him to anyone.
-Roy S.-

I have known Sanjay for over 30 years. He is a well-informed, studied and experienced entrepreneur, personable and trustworthy. I highly recommend him at both personal and professional levels.
-Susan F.-

I am impressed with Sanjay’s business acumen and the excellent training he gives to his tea distributors. He comes across as a man of integrity, who shares his business experience from his heart.
-Lydia S.-

Sanjay is a great resource when starting a business. He helps with any questions and responds in a timely and positive manner. His success is everyone else’s success.
-Amanda W.-

Sanjay is a driven, exciting and energetic executive with vision and passion for all things tea. It is an honor to have worked with him and his team.
-Harold H.-

Sanjay is an excellent partner/supplier in our Tea sales business. He has offered great help and advice in building our tea business.
-Dan J.-

Sanjay is honest, hard working and a pleasure to work with. We love his tea too!
-Gordon H.-

As a member of Tea Connexions Buying Group we have known Sanjay for almost three years. Sanjay is always accessible by phone, e-mail or on conference calls. Sanjay has always answered our questions promptly, fully and clearly. Indeed, he makes sure everyone understands whatever is being discussed and presents all aspects of the business with clarity. His work ethic is exceptional.
-Peter W.-

Sanjay is a very hard working person dedicated to the growth and development of the company.
-Randy H.-

Sanjay is an extremely professional and honest business person. He is always a pleasure to do business with and his entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to many people.
-Joanne K.-

Sanjay is creative and market-driven, with a demonstrated entrepreneurial ability. It has been a pleasure to work with Sanjay on our transactions to date.
-Ian G.-

Sanjay continues to be extremely helpful with products, ideas and advice/training in all aspects of Tea Distribution. Sanjay’s company not only provides quality gourmet teas and tea in beautiful containers. He truly believes “if you succeed, we succeed” and has always been there to support my business.
-Linda W.-

Sanjay Gupta has to be one of the most dynamic people I know. For a young man he has the business savvy of a 40 year veteran, a personal charisma that touches all and a work ethic most will never achieve. I am glad I came across Sanjay to do business with and would recommend anyone looking for a business of their own to look his way.
-Michelle D.-

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